What Is Organo Gold?


What Is Organo Gold?

Organo Gold is a three years old MLM opportunity that primarily sells coffee. It was founded by Bernie Chua. Since its beginning, the company has spread in 14 countries: United States, Austria, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Jamaica, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Netherlands, Peru, Scotland, Wales and Taiwan.

The last buzz is from Organo Gold Mexico which will be celebrating its first anniversary on the 3rd of December.

The original idea with Network marketing was based on products that can be consumed and re-ordered on a monthly basis, thus creating a regular income. This is exactly what Organo Gold is based on. Its product is simply coffee, a highly consumable product. In fact, coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world after oil.

But the quality of the Organo Gold coffee and its benefits are radically superior to other coffees. Ganoderma Lucidum has been added to it.

What the heck is Ganoderma Lucidum

Ganoderma Lucidum is a shelf mushroom that grows on the trunks of living or dead trees. It has a fanlike or hooflike form and includes around 80 different species.
Organo Gold

The Chinese have used it for thousands of years to heal all sorts of conditions. There have been researches made on its antioxidant activity, liver-protection, its antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anti-cancer effects, phew! It regulates the immune system and reduces blood cholesterol.

In other words, Ganoderma Lucidum will support and build the Immune System, oxygenate the body, boost stamina, fight free radicals with over 150 all-natural antioxidants, improve blood circulation, promote younger looking skin and cell rejuvenation. Ganoderma Lucidum contains the most powerful nutrients that can help the human body to maintain its natural state of good health. It also improves its level of health if there are problems.

What Does This All Mean?

With Organo Gold you’re into two huge markets: the consumption of coffee, second most traded commodity in the world after oil, and Ganoderma is a health product. The coffee itself is the marketing vehicle as free samples are being distributed to close new customers.

Most impressive is the number of people with absolutely no previous experience or success in the home business industry earning multiple six figure incomes. The majority of their diamond members earning in excess of $50,000 per month had no previous experience and no real money to speak of prior to starting with Organo Gold.

What kind of memberships are there?

Besides black coffee, the business comes with a few other products such as Mocha, Latte, hot chocolate, green tea, Ganoderma, Mycelium, Spores, Grapeseed, soap and tooth paste. Here are the membership levels:

1) There is a $49.00 starter kit fee which includes training materials, a website, and samples of the coffee. There are no monthly charges and there is an annual renewal fee of $25.00. This is basically if you want to buy your coffee at wholesale price instead of retail price.

2) Organo Gold Bronze Beverage Pack $150.00 – This is a starter package that contains only 8 boxes of coffee. It also can pay you up to $500 a week.

3) Organo Gold Silver Pack $450.00. It contains all Organo Gold products and can pay up to $1,500 a week. This gives you enough coffee to get your business started.

4) Organo Gold Gold Pack $1245.00. This is the best choice if you are committed to building a strong coffee business. It gives you enough coffee to have some to drink, sample, sell at retail, and get you new distributors started the day they join the business. This can pay you up to $2500 a week.

Should you join?

I leave it up to you to decide. You’ll have to put work into it, but it can be remunerative. When are people going to stop drinking coffee? Not tomorrow for sure. Let’s go have a cup of coffee.

Organo Gold and Ganoderma Lucidum

Join the fun. Get in the game!

Attention SEO NETWORKER 3.0 Available Again… for 36 hours only!

This coming Monday (the 28th) at noon PST, they are putting SEO Networker 3.0 back on the market! But only for…36 hours! So if you thought you missed it altogether, you still have a chance to get in for a few hours.

This will last only until 11:59 PM PST the following day, Tuesday (the 29th).

They Heard You – 12 month payment plan

Not only are they re-opening for a short time they were hearing enough grumbling about this bad economy and how many can’t even afford $177 a month payment plan. So, they decided to give no one an excuse and offer a convenient 12-month payment plan with $97 per month installments.

Frankly many think they are out of their minds.

But their viewpoint is different. Their biggest success stories like Adam Holland, Shane Hunter, Eric McMillan and many others had 2 commonalities:

They were beginners with little to zero experience online
They had little money, therefore motivated to bust their butt to get it done

So for those of you who are struggling and are in a place where it seems like you are trapped and have nowhere to go… you’re wrong!

At Rock Bottom, The Way to Go is UP!

There is a way to go… and that way is UP and SEO Networker 3.0 could very well be that way UP, like it was for Adam, Shane and Eric.

They make no guarantees about results, because they don’t control the most crucial variable – you!

However, if you’re willing to do the work and be committed, then they’re offering you one final opportunity to gang-up and start getting the results you are looking for with traffic, leads and profitability.

Still Thinking About It?

So if you’re looking for a true solid knowledge on SEO, I wouldn’t pass this one. Seriously, you may not have another such opportunity before long.

So on Monday, come back here and click through before it’s too late.

Let’s me in, I want to be part of the class!


Empower Network – Time to Join the Movement

This is a wake up call for those in the network marketing business and MLM and who are not yet using online techniques to the fullest. In the next coming weeks, during the holidays, the highest paid marketers inside the Empower Network are going to reveal their strategies and tactics on how they run their businesses.

Are they nuts? No, it’s their holiday gift to you. They’re doing it because they want others to get what they have: freedom.

With this knowledge you’ll be able to transform your life, and… your bank account, by the end of the year.

In these webinars, they’re literally going to open up their business for you to see and dissect. Nothing held back. Untold secrets revealed. Everything. All of it.

You’ll walk away with an education most of these leaders paid tens of thousands of dollars for, and spent years of struggle to attain. Yours free. Everything.

Join the fun. Get in the game!

How can you get access to this golden data from successful internet marketers? Simply join the Empower Network. Do what more than 4000 other people like you and I have done. Join the movement. It is your chance to find out how to change your life for good and for the better.

Access to the data is reserved to those who are serious about their business and are ready to take the next step to make it grow. So access will be granted to serious Empower Network members who have purchased all 3 of the products:

$25/monthly ‘Viral Blogging System’

$100/monthly ‘Inner Circle’ training


the $500/one time ‘Costa Rica Intensive’

Golden Goodies

Here’s the fascinating part…

All three of these products will give your business an edge most people will never get.
And you’ll earn 100% commissions when you refer them to others… directly into your bank account.

Seize the opportunity. Or risk hearing stories of how ordinary people
got extraordinary results because they made the decision to upgrade and get access to
these leaders.

For some….. This will be the training experience they have searched for since they started their business.

For others….. This will be that time when one ‘nugget’ will change everything for them.

Here are the names of all these marketing leaders who will share their knowledge:

Lawrence Tam
Toby and Layla Black
Tracey Walker
Jamie Soriano
Kris Darty
Ed from Ohio
Nick Bramble
Cynthia (Social Cowgirl)
Alex Zubarev
Aaron and Sophia Rashkin
Nicole Cooper
Stephanie Deneke
Kelly Williams
Jon Mroz
Aaron and Sophia Rashkin

and of course…

Dave Sharpe and David Wood

Get a preview of one of the interviews with them here.

Just decide and commit to your success. Join the fun. Get in the game!

Thanksgiving Day!


Thanksgiving! I remember the first time I heard of it, I had no idea what it meant. Even though I come from a place where food and wine are part of the culture, France, food has never been an item for me. So I went to my first Thanksgiving meal without much enthusiasm. To top it all at the time, I discovered a dish that I did not like. I did not like turkey, I did not like the gravy, I did not like cranberry sauce and I did not like pumpkin pie. What a bad meal!

Magnetic Sponsoring

But the years went by, and little by little I came to appreciate the turkey and the cranberry sauce. I still don’t like the pumpkin pie but love the pecan pie, even though, it’s a bit of a sugar choke at this point. But it’s definitely a delight in my mouth. So I came to appreciate Thanksgiving and its atmosphere.

Looking into the tradition and how it came about, I found out that its celebration started with the first pilgrims back in the 1600s. It was a great way to thank God for the Promised Land. It’s only 200 years later, in 1863, that President Abraham Lincoln, with the purpose of uniting the South and the North, declared the fourth Thursday of November its official celebration day.

So last night I was wrapping a few gifts to give out at the dinner we’ll have tomorrow around the family table. I was making some dessert tryouts that even diabetics and cancer patients could eat and enjoy. And it dawned on me that I had eventually arrived to America and was sharing its traditions.

Traditions, these are what people are the most fond of as this is what makes a group out of them. And when a group is young, it is even more important to celebrate specific events to bind the group together and give it strength.

When the Freedom this country represents is threatened, the group binds together to protect and carry forward the work of the Founding Fathers. In the end, it’s celebrations such as Thanksgiving that will keep the people fighting for their faith and their right to live happy and in peace.

Leave your thoughts or share it if you like.

Thanksgiving and Magnetic Sponsoring

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Build Wealth from Scratch – Introduction

In this series, Build Wealth from Scratch, I’m going to publish topics that will guide anyone toward a solid online business. What you’ll learn in the series comes from what I’ve learned online building my own business. My trials and errors, what works, what doesn’t work, what is worth spending your money on and what isn’t.

When you really have no funds to start anything, getting online is very appealing because the investment can be kept to a minimum. However, this is a false picture. Why? Because the time you spend searching the World Wide Web itself is money you’re investing. To judge your real investment, put a dollar value to each hour you’re spending online searching for the right opportunity.

Surfing the net in search of the best opportunity, you’ll probably find these various appealing propositions: doing surveys, selling on eBay, affiliate marketing, writing, network marketing and many more that I won’t take up here. The point is what to choose? I’ve done each of the activities I’ve listed here and I’m still practicing several of these to this day. While you can make some money with any of them, some won’t bring a substantial income, at least not for a while. If you’re intent on engaging in any of these businesses, here’s a short account of my thoughts about them.

Doing Surveys

Doing surveys sound rather attractive. You can find out about things that you wouldn’t even be thinking of otherwise. However, I found it rather boring and unproductive. From one survey to another, you can find yourself spending a lot more time doing one than what you thought originally. Even worse, more than once, it required that I buy something in order to be able to do the survey. Not exactly the purpose I had in mind in the first place. My viewpoint: Doing surveys for someone else is a waste of time. As an experienced marketer, I know that surveys are invaluable in marketing and promoting your own enterprise. So do them for yourself, it’ll be a good investment.

Selling on eBay

Many people live with selling things on eBay. However, if you’re new to the game and have no funds whatsoever, you’re going to have a rough time and I’ll tell you why. The only solution you can use to start is to utilize drop-shipping. I.e. you don’t need to buy any inventory, you have the manufacturer ship the item for you when you have it sold. Fair enough. However, you need to sell the item at a price range where you’re able to make a profit. Even though, you don’t have any raw materials to buy, no warehouse rental, no handling costs, your price must still be in the range of the competition in order for your listing to be chosen by the customer. So, who’s your competition?

Power-sellers on eBay. These people have been in the trenches and are squarely set to list the thousands of items they have on eBay. They buy bulk and obtain huge discounts on the items they sell. You have to align your prices to these in order to have a chance to sell.

I started to put items that I owned on eBay and sold a few here and there. Then I started to list items that I would get drop-shipped. That’s where I hit a brick-wall. In order for me to be competitive and have enough items listed so as to make a profit and be heard in the middle of the crowd, I had figured out that I would need to list more than 100 items a day for 30 days and these items would have to be selling at $160.00 or more.

So I happily started to research my items and list them. When I reached item #47, I got a pop-up from eBay telling me that I couldn’t list any more items. Because I wasn’t a power-seller, I was not allowed to list more items when the value of what I had already listed reached $5,000.00. This was a glitch I couldn’t resolve so I quit.

If you’re still interested in giving it a try, or if you have funds to buy in bulk so you can be competitive, I strongly recommend a membership to World Wide Brand. They provide tools and information to research each product and market, they have a directory of verified manufacturers that you can contact directly. The services they offer are the best around in that industry. Another place I recommend to learn about this business is SalesHoo, particularly its forum. Members take up various issues and they help each other to resolve them. Those are two outfits that will sincerely help you get where you want, if you’re serious about investing time and money into eBay selling.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a vast subject and I won’t go into any details here. You definitely can make a living with affiliate marketing, but you have to know the rules first. And the rules are the same as for Network Marketing. I’ll expand on this throughout our Build Wealth from Scratch Series.


When I was a kid, I wanted to write. I wrote poems and I even wrote a novel. But where I was raised, writing was not considered as a means of subsistence. So I abandoned the idea early and switched for a degree in business administration.

However, I have since gotten rid of the idea that you cannot make a living by writing. Emphatically, you can definitely make a living writing. With the internet, many are ghostwriters and are very well paid. Good sales copy is looked after and paid its weight in gold. You can offer your services on various freelance sites or set up your own site.

Writing is actually very lucrative once you’ve mastered a few skills that don’t take a long time to acquire. Even if you don’t intend to sell your writing skills, I would recommend to master the skill as most any business endeavor requires you to write and write well.

Network Marketing

Network marketing is my favorite subject. Why? It’s a means that anyone with a computer and an internet connection can use to achieve his wildest dreams. This is basically what this series will take up. The ins and outs of what to know, utilize and apply to build a thriving business.

Watch tomorrow, at this address, for the next in the series: Build Wealth from Scratch – What does it really take to be successful online?

Network marketing

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